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                         Payment Options

At Kyle Animal Hospital, we understand that high-quality veterinary care is expensive. We do everything we can to provide this care at as low cost as possible, but we do not sacrifice offering the highest quality care available.  We also fully understand the economic demands this may place on owners during an emotional time, and always attempt to work with owners to find the best solutions possible.  This may include extended payment terms, and we have several options below to fit most any budget.


We take a strong stand against "selling by price alone," which we believe deteriorates markets, and ultimately hurts consumers by restricting companies from investing in personnel and technology. We make every effort to invest in technology, personnel training, and continuing education. Be assured that our choice of therapeutics, anesthetic agents, laboratory services, and most importantly employees are not dictated by price alone.


Cash, check, and major credit cards are accepted forms of payment. In addition, we accept installment plans for higher invoices (see below).   We  understand that as a small business, we have to be paid for what we do to keep the lights on.  However, we made the decision long ago that we do NOT always have to be paid right now, especially in emergency or other unexpected situations (which we all know pets are prone to put us in!).  For your convenience, any of the payment options below may be used for our wellness plans as well.  For any of the payment options below that are NOT administered directly through us, we highly recommend you research these and know how they will apply to your specific situation.   We have NO affiliation with these companies other than accepting them as a form of payment, and we are in no way financial experts with how they work or apply to your specific situation!  Be certain you understand what their promotions are, how any interest-free period works, etc.

CARECREDIT (requires hard credit check) is a healthcare financing company that works like a private label credit card (like a Shell gas card, etc.).   This is a completely separate entity from Kyle Animal Hospital—we accept Carecredit as a form of payment for the convenience of our clients.  Carecredit is favored by many dentists, ophthalmologists, veterinarians, and others in health care fields not traditionally covered by insurance.  The nice thing about Carecredit is that it is one card for your dentist, ophthalmologist, veterinarian—any health care provider that is set up to accept Carecredit.  A credit check is involved with application, but the decision is generally instantaneous and you can begin accessing the credit immediately.  


We also offer an extended, in house payment option if you prefer.  This will allow you to pre-authorize payments from a credit or debit card.     This is a simple option that requires no other application, approval, etc.  We can generally set this up for you at the time payment is made.  We are of course unable to carry a balance for as long as the finance companies, but this is a good option for owners who just need a few months.  We can split the invoice up into 2 or 3 equal payments, the first at the time services are rendered and the second and/or third one month apart.  There is a $10 per payment delayed payment administration fee for the 3 payment option ($30 total) that can be split amongst all payments if you elect this option.  There is no additional fee for splitting the invoice into two payments, one month apart.


As always, never hesitate to ask us about any of our programs.  It is better (but we realize not always possible) to have payment arrangements made before services are rendered.  We want you to be comfortable with everything that we do, including payments.  We’ll always give you our honest opinion but again please always research the details of the various payment options for yourself--CareCredit and Scratchpay ara third party vendors and we are not affiliated with them other than accepting them as a form of payment and helping to facilitate application.

                                                                      Carecredit offers  multiple levels of financing:

ANY charge up to the credit limit can be placed and paid off like any other revolving credit card with standard account terms.


Interest free, service charge free payment options for up to one year (some restrictions apply, primarily the charge has to be over $300 to qualify for the promotion).  We highly recommend you research this and know what you are getting—it’s a good option for many people, but like anything if you don’t get the balance paid off in the promotional period they do apply high interest and penalties.


Low interest (compared to other forms of financing), longer term financing is available for up to 60 months for larger invoices (24, 36, or 48 months with $1,000 minimum charge, and 60 months with a $2,500 minimum charge)  This means your payment could be well under $50 a month in the event of a several thousand dollar medical procedure .  

                                          is the newest, most flexible and simplest option for financing your pet's healthcare needs.  


Scratchpay offers several options for you--from simple no fee, no interest, no hard credit check 3 month payments to longer term and more complex (with hard credit check and interest) financing when needed.


Apply here quickly from your smartphone, tablet, or online!