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An American Association of Feline Practitioners designated Gold Cat Friendly Practice.

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Comprehensive Exams

At 5 staff members per doctor, we have one of the very highest staff: doctor ratios in the area. This allows us to have the time to not only perform a thorough physical examination on your furry family member, but to also have the time to communicate with you about our findings. We believe that communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, and is essential to your pet's health.

From routine wellness care to advanced laboratory and surgical care to boarding and grooming, Kyle Animal Hospital has had the pets of Hays County covered for almost 20 years!


Like anything, determining a proper vaccination protocol for your pet involves time and communication. Our vaccine protocols are customized specifically for your pet during the time of the examination, and are age and lifestyle dependent. We offer three year vaccines when possible, at no extra charge (unlike some of the other, especially parking lot, vaccine clinics). If you prefer, we do have a low cost pet vaccination clinic now every Saturday of the month, from 2-4 PM. You may find out more about the vaccination clinic here, and more about the vaccines we utilize here.

Pediatric Wellness Care

Just like with people, young pets have special needs. We generally see our pediatric patients 4-6 times as puppies & kittens, so that we can detect any issues before they become problems. The puppy/kitten time is certainly an exciting time in their and in our lives, but it brings its owner challenges with behavior, growth, and certainly expenses. Our pediatric care program is especially amenable to wellness plans, see more details here on the wellness packages page.

Geriatric Medicine

Of course old age is not a disease, but there are certainly problems that our senior pets have to face that did not challenge them in their younger years. Most of the problems are much more easily dealt with if caught early--and early detection is paramount for a successful outcome. In many cases, this means detecting disease before it begins to affect them. To that end, we have a comprehensive geriatric screening program in place. This, combined with regular physical examinations can help detect and deal with many diseases before our pets even know they have them. Geriatric screening programs are included in our wellness packages, more details here on our wellness packages page.

Surgical Procedures

We have a dedicated surgery suite, with central oxygen, heated surgery table, and multi-parameter monitoring. These external monitors are great, and we are glad to have them, but they are no substitute for human supervision. To that end, we always have a dedicated technician specifically monitoring anesthesia. We offer routine, wellness surgeries such as spays and neuters (included in our wellness packages) as well as cosmetic and more involved orthopedic and soft tissue procedures. Click here for more information if your pet has an upcoming surgery.


Our radiology facilities offer the latest in high-frequency, digital technology. This allows us to more safely (for your pet, our staff, and the environment) and quickly obtain high quality radiograph images at our hospital. If necessary and at the touch of a button, we can send those images to an outside radiologist for in depth reading anywhere in the world!

Laboratory Services

With upgraded diagnostic equipment, Kyle Animal Hospital has one of the best equipped in-house laboratories in the area. We have access to many outside laboratories to use when urgency is not a consideration, much like most of our doctors. However, should your pet need more urgent diagnostics, we are equipped to have results in minutes for complete blood counts (laser evaluated), full chemistry & electrolyte profiles, urinalysis, blood clotting times, blood typing, and more!


Dr. Dana Greenleaf has a special interest in dentistry, and we wouldn't have the upgraded dental facilities without her.  We have a completely dedicated dental suite now complete with digital X-ray system. We can now take full mouth digital dental X-Rays of your pet at no additional charge during each dental cleaning. We are also able to perform more complicated dental procedures more safely, without having to refer you to a veterinary dentist. Of course, referral is always an option that will be discussed with you if your pet needs care beyond our confidence level.

Full Service Grooming

We are now able to offer grooming services 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday! You may certainly call (512-268-5003) for an appointment, use your Petly account or the app to request an appointment, e-mail, or do it the old fashioned way, just stop in to see us and talk with Cristian about the look you want for your furry family member!


Cristian has been grooming since she was 16, so that gives her over 15 years of experience grooming all breeds of cats & dogs.  She is a Certified Master Groomer, which not only recognizes her experience and expertise, but also allows her to teach others this art form that she loves.




See before & after pictures here on our Facebook page.


Exotic Animal Care

Dr. Cord Offermann has been working with exotic pets since he was a child with rattlesnakes in his bedroom! Whatever this may say about his mental faculties, he does a great job with exotic pets with a special interest in reptiles.


Kyle Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital, and of course our patient's medical needs come first.  In 2016 we completed a major expansion and renovation to allow for more attention to our boarding patients.  We now have a dedicated feline boarding area completely separate from the dog areas, and 16 runs (including oversize "suite type" runs) dedicated to boarding alone, in a completely separate area from the rest of the hospital.  Ask for a tour!



We can now perform our ultrasounds in the office.   Gone are the days of extra expense and inconvenience of having to take your pet to a specialty hospital just for an ultrasound.  We no longer even have to wait on a mobile ultrasound service to come to us.  We can now capture the ultrasound images in our office, with our specially trained and certified ultrasound technicians, and have the reports read by radiologists using telemedicine, the same as with radiographs.  

Certified Master Groomer