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An American Association of Feline Practitioners designated Gold Cat Friendly Practice.

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We understand that in a very tight economy, routine wellness & preventive care is often one area that must be trimmed from our families' health care budgets. Kyle Animal Hospital's popular preventive care plans began with pediatric packages for puppies and kittens. The (now normal) concern over finances is often compounded with the myriad of services a new puppy or kitten will ultimately need-and the uncertainty about costs that can go along with them. With three or more wellness visits, a spay/neuter, vaccines, and heartworm prevention-the costs and the uncertainty rapidly mount up. In an effort to help alleviate some of those concerns, and ensure that our newest, most vulnerable family members receive the care they need, Kyle Animal Hospital introduced pediatric wellness packages in 2011.


In 2012, we expanded our pediatric packages to include wellness care for adult pets and even seniors! Since then then, we have continued to expand the services under the plans. Now, for much less than the cost of a cell phone service contract, you can have all of your pet's routine wellness & preventive health care needs met for a year, including heartworm prevention!


**For 2019, there are NO PRICING CHANGES on ANY wellness plans!


Program Details are here, or click the image to the left if not on a mobile device, but here are some of the highlights:

So...What's not included?

Of course some limitations apply (they always do).


Snakebite vaccine is not included, other procedures that may be necessary but not covered include dental extractions, mass removals, etc. All of those ARE included in the 10% off additional procedures, and MAY be covered under insurance if you have it in effect. Please ask any staff member for details!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to decide at my visit, or can I have some time to think about this/discuss with my spouse, etc?


A: Yes. You have 72 hours form the time of check-out to purchase a plan and have the invoiced visit applied to a plan. It will be much easier, though, if you can have your questions answered before your visit--so don't hesitate to stop by or call first!



Q: What if I change my mind and decide against the plan after it's in place, or something comes up and I am unable to have all included procedures performed?


A: We want you to be happy. We are in the business of providing health care, not something someone doesn't want. If at ANY time you decide this was not a good idea, we will happily refund the amount paid for the plan, and refigure all charges as if the plan were not in place when the procedures were performed. We will issue a refund if any credit amount remains. We are not liable for any CareCredit or other fees that may apply to a change.


Q: Do you cut medical corners to cut costs?


A: Absolutely not. The cost savings come from our ability to deliver health are while minimizing our administrative costs. Like any small service business, much of our expense is tied up in administration and time delays. All packages include the same high quality vaccines, procedures, bloodwork, anesthetic monitoring, etc. in our out of plan. We are not cutting corners just because a pet is on the plan. The cost savings come from bundled services and lower administrative costs, NOT from cutting medical corners. We can simply serve you more efficiently if a known wellness plan is in place.

Kyle Animal Hospital's Annual Preventive Care & Wellness Plans have been serving our clients well for nearly a decade!

*Unlike many of the corporate hospital plans, there are NO INITIATION FEES for any of our plans.


*PAYMENTS starting under $30 a month for cats and $40 a month for dogs with NO SERVICE CHARGE OR INTEREST if paid with CareCredit, per separate CareCredit terms & conditions.


*Alternative EASY PAY 3 easy payments with credit, debit, or check.  No credit check or application.


*FREE nail trims, interstate health certificates, and dewormings when needed


*ALL DOG packages now include Sentinel heartworm prevention OR ProHeart injections


*"PLUS" Plans include spay, neuter, or routine dental cleaning!


*10% OFF products and services that fall outside the plan (except for grooming & specialty surgeon's fees)


*10% OFF plan renewals IF renewed within the initial plan period


*25% OFF all other flea medications

15 signs of pain picture

Senior wellness includes recognizing and managing signs of chronic pain, which aren't always as we would expect.  Click the image above for a quick guide to often missed signs of pain in older dogs.

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